A Limited-Duration Examination
of the Environmental Temperatures Experienced
by the American Housecat
(Felis domestica/Felis catus)
Mr. A's Day Out

big, mean-lookin' cat head

The Cat

Mr. A (at left) is my cat. The A stands for "affection." It was one of those temporary names that stuck.

Mr. A is a ten-year-old all-black domestic shorthair of unremarkable lineage. He is obese (15 lbs, but who am I to talk?), but quite active for his age. He enjoys his catnip, but tries to keep it from becoming a habit. Though often ill-tempered, he can be charming when he wants to.

The Experiment

On October 7, 1999, Mr. A wore a Dallas Semiconductor Thermochron iButton around his neck all day. (He wears a dashing red collar by Hertz with a bell to keep him from killing little critters; the Thermochron was affixed to the collar.) October 7 was a crisp autumn day--cool in the morning and in the evening, and sunny throughout the day. His owners--me and my wife--were at work most of the day, but there for breakfast and dinner. In short, it was a fine day to be a cat.

The Thermochron was programmed to take temperature readings every two minutes.

The Data

big pseudo-scientific chart

Things You Should Know When Interpreting the Data


Remaining Research Questions

Emilio Millán (last updated 10/12/99)
Thanks to Brian Lovdahl for the swell idea!